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The History of the Avengers 1979 - 2004







The Blue Avengers 1979 - 1985

Starting life as the 1st Preston BB and becoming a mixed youth band in 1976, taking the name of St David’s Trumpet and Drum Corps from the church were the Corps was based. The unit Competed on the newly formed British Youth Band Association (BYBA) competition circuit for the next couple of years before disbanding in 1978.

1st Preston BB Band, Kendal Competition, 1974

St David’s Trumpet & Drum Corps (The Blue Avengers) 1979.

1983 saw the introduction of 'G' Bugles rather than the traditional Eb trumpets opening up the Corps musical programme, the next four years saw the Corps advance through the BYBA league tables, gaining promotion from Contest to Championship and finally the Premiership Class in successive years.




Blue Avengers BAe/EE Sports Day 1984

Avengers 1984 -
The Corps first step into Drum Corps was taken during the 1984 Winter Guard circuit. A victory in the 'A' Class finals at Wembley was the taster required for things to come.

By this time the ‘World of Drum Corps’ was public knowledge, and the natural progression was achieved in 1985. Membership of the activity in the new 'A' Class, with other well established, and larger Corps was seen by many as the highlight of their Corps involvement, and at the end of our first year in membership many faces left to be replaced by younger personnel. This period also saw a change in direction, when Mark Gutteridge, who had reformed the Corps in 1978, stepped down to be replaced by the Corps musical arranger Ian Blundell.

With the change in style now complete and the Corps becoming established within the Drum Corps membership, the Corps changed its name from the Blue Avengers to the Avenger Corps.

The Avenger Corps 1985- 2004

Avenger Guard Wizard of Oz Production.

Avengers 1986

The Corps gained Charitable Status in 1987 and this co-insided with the forming of a joint Directorship between Ian Blundell and Mark Gutteridge. This kept the Corps steady over the next few years and the Corps sought to become an active member in the new Drum Corps set-up.

Preston Guild procession 1992

During 1993 the Corps changed its Management set-up. Andrew Gutteridge took over as the Corps Director, having direct responsibility on musical and training issues, with the Board of Trustees taking a more active role in the Corps Management. Back in competition, the Corps participated in both in the Winter Guard and Summer Circuits. The next few years saw the Corps competing all over the U.K.

Little Shop of Horrors 1995

The Corps was now marching a much younger outfit and had chosen to take a step backwards in order to secure a longer term move forward.

1995 Birmingham Alexander Stadium

The summer season of 1997 saw the Corps win the Drum Corps United Kingdom, Junior Class Championships in Northampton. This was a major step forward for the Corps, which was now also competing on the British Youth Band Circuit and once again performing at local fete’s and events.

A return to the British Youth band competition circuit was the Corps choice for 1998 entering the Contest Class. This proved very popular with members and spectators, and the Corps achieved some outstanding results throughout the year. Victories at the Midlands and Northern regional championships, with further sectional achievements at other contests, resulting in the Corps reaching the BYBA finals for the first time in its history. The Corps went on to finish a very commendable overall third with the Percussion section becoming national champions in their class.

1999 saw the Corps return to Drum Corps United Kingdom, Junior Class. Keeping the initiative on young members the musical program was designed to let new members develop whilst advancing the ability of more experienced members. Competing around the country in regional events the season concluded at the National finals in Northampton. The Corps finished runners up in their class, with the Colour Guard winning their section outright.

From 2000 - 2004 the Avengers colour guard continued to strengthen with it's new recruits and new programmes, climbing up the winter guard tables and improving on an annual basis. However, in the same period the musical side of the Corps declined and in 2004 the decision was taken to close down the Drum Corps and concentrate all the organisations resources into the performing arts. This change resulted in changes to the organisations constitution and a name change to Avenger Performing Arts. 


Avenger Performing Arts 2004 - 


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